What if there is water in the oil? With coalescing dewatering oil filter

What if there is water in the oil? With coalescing dewatering oil filter

The coalescing dewatering oil filter has a total of five-stage filtration system, which integrates two functions of precision filtration and high-efficiency dehydration.

Through the filtration of the particle filtration system, the cleanliness of the medium can be stably controlled in the state required by the system to ensure the cleanliness of the oil.

When the oil flows through the coalescing separator, it undergoes four process stages of filtration, coalescence, sedimentation, and separation, and realizes the function of filtering out particulate pollutants and removing water.

The oil first flows through the coalescing filter element from the inside to the outside. The coalescer filter has good hydrophilicity. It is composed of special glass fiber and other synthetic materials. It is specially formulated for oil dehydration. Dual function.

The outer demulsification coalescing layer coalesces the tiny water droplets in the oil into water droplets, the larger water droplets settle into the sump by their own gravity, and the smaller water droplets will be entrained by the oil before they settle down. flow to the separation filter.

Coalescing Dehydration Oil Filtration Machine

The separation filter element is made of specially treated stainless steel mesh, which has good hydrophobicity. When the oil flows through the separation filter element from the outside to the inside, the small water droplets are effectively intercepted outside the filter element, allowing only the oil to pass through and not the water. pass, thereby further separating moisture.

The coalescing dewatering oil purifier can be adapted to different media by changing the filter element of different materials:

■ Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and other fuels

Oil and other low-viscosity hydraulic oils, lubricating oils

Medium viscosity hydraulic oil, lubricating oil

If the viscosity of the filter medium is high, a heater can be added.

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