Agricultural machinery processing industry solutions

Agricultural machinery processing industry solutions

Agricultural machinery processing industry solutions

In the process of mechanical manufacturing, the oil is polluted and cannot be recycled. In order to prevent oil pollution, the hydraulic oil filter is installed in the appropriate place to intercept the pollutants in the oil, which can keep the oil clean and keep the oil system working normally.

At this time, the PLF pressure line filter comes in handy, the filter is installed on the pressure line to further clean or block the wear of the components brought in by the outside world, as well as the impurities generated by the chemical action of the medium itself. The filter adopts imported glass fiber filter material, which has the advantages of high filtration precision, strong oil passing ability, small original pressure loss and large pollution absorption.


PLF pressure line filter

Product Overview: This series of filters can be installed on pressure pipelines of different pressure levels to further remove or 

block impurities caused by the wear and tear of the components brought in from the outside and the chemical reaction of the

medium itself.

Scope of application: petroleum, chemical plants, steel plants, printing and dyeing plants, power plants, construction machinery 

parts, agricultural machinery parts, hydraulic machinery parts, coal mines, shipbuilding, military industry and other industrial 


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