Engineering vehicle oil filtration solution

Engineering vehicle oil filtration solution

Engineering vehicle oil filtration solution

Engineering vehicle oil filtration requires filtering equipment to effectively filter mechanical impurities to achieve the required

lubricating oil cleanliness level.

Using multi-stage oil filters, equipped with oil filter elements of different precisions and efficiencies, it can cost-effectively

implement oil filtration for engineering vehicles. It can produce high-definition oil around NAS level 5 without changing the

performance of the oil.

Lefilter conducted extensive on-site research. The impurity-removing oil filter is specially selected for customers to filter and 

regenerate the oil on-site, so that the oil can be recycled and ensure effective operation and service life. Insufficient oil filtration 

results in machine downtime, frequent oil changes, filter replacement timeouts and higher operating costs.

Selection of engineering vehicle oil filtration equipment:

High-precision LYC-B oil filter


LYC-B high-precision oil filter equipment can be adapted to the impurity removal and filtration of most commonly used oils such as hydraulic oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, gasoline and diesel. This oil filter can quickly achieve the ideal precision requirements, and is easy to move and cost-effective. Low, it is an effective oil filtering equipment to control the pollution degree of hydraulic system.

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