Construction machinery manufacturing hydraulic oil filtration solution

Construction machinery manufacturing hydraulic oil filtration solution

Construction machinery manufacturing hydraulic oil filtration solution

Oil contamination will occur in the hydraulic systems of shovel transportation machinery, road machinery, piling machinery, special vehicles, engineering hoisting machinery, concrete machinery, sanitation machinery, military engineering machinery, etc. during operation. Whether the hydraulic oil is clean or not, not only It affects the working performance of the hydraulic system and the service life of the hydraulic components, and is directly related to whether the vehicle can work normally. At least 75% of hydraulic system failures are caused by unclean hydraulic oil. Therefore, it is very important to prevent hydraulic oil contamination.

The main sources of impurities in hydraulic systems are:

1. Mechanical impurities that remain in the hydraulic system after cleaning, such as rust, casting sand, welding slag, iron filings, 

paint, paint skin and cotton yarn scraps, etc.

2. External impurities entering the hydraulic system, such as dust entering through the oil filler port and dust ring;

3. Impurities generated during the working process, such as fragments formed by the hydraulic pressure of the seal, metal 

powder generated by relative wear and tear of the movement, colloid, asphaltene, carbon residue, etc. generated by the 

oxidative deterioration of the oil.


How to choose a hydraulic oil filter?

(1) When selecting a hydraulic oil filter, it can be based on the characteristics of the various filters mentioned above, combined 

with the requirements of various typical hydraulic components and systems for pollution levels or filtration precision, the system's working pressure, oil temperature and oil Liquid viscosity, etc. to select the filter model.

(2) The hydraulic oil filter must have sufficient flow capacity. The flow capacity refers to the maximum flow rate allowed to pass 

through the filter under a certain pressure drop. It should be selected based on the filter sample based on the installation position of the filter in the system.

(3) The hydraulic oil filter must have a certain mechanical strength and not be damaged by hydraulic pressure.

(4) For hydraulic systems that cannot be shut down, a filter with a switching structure must be selected. The filter element can 

be replaced without stopping the machine.

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