LEFILTER helps Kazakhstan and deepens the "Belt and Road" cooperation

LEFILTER helps Kazakhstan and deepens the "Belt and Road" cooperation

Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Kazakhstan, injecting new impetus into the relationship between the two countries. As a leading 

enterprise in China's industrial filtration industry, LEFILTER has been deeply rooted in Central Asia for 16 years, actively participating in local 

infrastructure construction and environmental protection, and has made important contributions to promoting the China-Central Asia "Belt and Road"



LEFILTER adheres to the business philosophy of "creating positive impact" and is committed to providing high-quality environmental protection 

solutions for Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. The company has carried out a number of projects in the fields of  oil filtrationsewageseawaterair, etc., helping local infrastructure construction and ecological environment to inject new impetus into 

green and sustainable development.


In the future, LEFILTER will work hand in hand with more partners to promote mutual benefit and win-win results between China and Central Asian 

countries and contribute to the construction of the "Belt and Road".

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