Lefilter's eighth annual 53-kilometer cross-country hiking race came to a triumphant close, leaving a lasting impression of achievement and fulfillment!

Lefilter's eighth annual 53-kilometer cross-country hiking race came to a triumphant close, leaving a lasting impression of achievement and fulfillment!

After a two-year delay, Lefilter successfully organized its highly anticipated eighth edition of the 53-kilometer cross-country hiking race on January 6, 2024. This remarkable event coincided with the winter solstice, symbolizing new beginnings as the year transitions.

A total of 387 participants hailing from Lefilter's group headquarters, Xinxiang production plant, Shangqiu production plant, and Zhengzhou branch embarked on this adventure from Nantianmen of Yunmeng Mountain promptly at 7:00 am. Divided into 10 groups, consisting of 30-38 individuals each, the participants gathered under the leadership of Chairman An Qi for pre-race warm-up exercises, setting the tone for a safe and spirited start.


With a resolute spirit, the long-distance runners set off, carrying the hopes and aspirations for the New Year. Proudly waving red flags and banners, they fearlessly tackled the challenging terrain, traversing breathtaking landscapes and encountering both beauty and obstacles along the way. Every step on the undulating tracks, through mountains and forests, was a testament to their determination and perseverance.

As they reached the halfway point, the participants urged themselves not to give up. In the middle and final stages of the race, they pushed through fatigue, taking short rests and pushing forward. With only a few kilometers left, they encouraged themselves with the promise of the next resting point just ahead. Fueled by unwavering energy, they conquered the 30-kilometer mark and pressed on to overcome the 45-kilometer milestone. The strength of the team propelled them forward, united in their resolve to never abandon or give up. Crossing the finish line, they celebrated their personal achievements, whether it was the breathtaking scenery they witnessed or the unwavering determination they displayed. Regardless of rankings, each participant cherished their own triumphs in this exhilarating cross-country race.


In addition to the race itself, the participants embarked on a journey to Yunmeng Mountain in search of Guiguzi, an ancient wise figure. Exploring the rich Guigu culture, they delved into history, experiencing cultural landmarks such as the Thirty-Six Strategies Cultural Wall, Yanbing Ridge, Sun Pang Game Platform, and Guigu Zhisheng Corridor. This exploration allowed them to integrate knowledge with action, drawing inspiration from the wisdom of the past as they set sail for the year 2024.


Lefilter's participants showcased their unique team spirit, adopting the team name "Dragon and Tiger Leaping Team" and rallying under the motto "Crack the International Trade Center and Conquer the World." Their disciplined demeanor, synchronized steps, and freeze-frame poses reflected the strength, confidence, and pride that epitomize Lefilter's enthusiastic and unwavering commitment to excellence.


As a national enterprise, Lefilter remains steadfast in its dedication to the fluid environmental protection industry. Embracing a project-oriented approach and prioritizing the "35150 Plan," the company continues to reshape its operational system, focusing on the development of its eight core product series. Lefilter's unwavering commitment to creating tangible products, competitive prices, and a cohesive industry and supply chain structure strengthens its position as a trailblazer in the field.

This extraordinary event not only showcased the physical prowess of the participants but also highlighted Lefilter's core values. Anchored by its eight product series and EPC project general contracting, the company sets industry standards while prioritizing employee well-being and global environmental protection. Lefilter stands as a guardian and practitioner of the global ecological environment, embodying the "soul" of its mission.

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